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......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ Themes are written using Sass to keep things modular and reduce the need for rep
## Creating a Theme
To create your own theme, start by duplicating any ```.scss``` file in [/css/theme/source]( and adding it to the compilation list in the [Gruntfile](
To create your own theme, start by duplicating a ```.scss``` file in [/css/theme/source]( It will be automatically compiled by Grunt from Sass to CSS (see the [Gruntfile]( when you run `grunt css-themes`.
Each theme file does four things in the following order:
......@@ -19,5 +19,3 @@ This is where you override the default theme. Either by specifying variables (se
4. **Include [/css/theme/template/theme.scss](**
The template theme file which will generate final CSS output based on the currently defined variables.
When you are done, run `grunt css-themes` to compile the Sass file to CSS and you are ready to use your new theme.
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